Lab Photos

May 5, 2021 – Congratulations to Katie on the successful defense of her M.S. thesis! She did a great job defending her thesis today, and we are very proud of all she accomplished.

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April 30, 2021 – Congratulations to Michael, PhD Candidate! Every ounce of celebration is well deserved!

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Spring 2021  – Almost one year into the pandemic and still meeting on zoom! Our latest group photo.

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Summer 2020 – Teamwork during a pandemic. This photo was taken pre-pandemic but just a shout out to these three amazing students in particular, Michael, Matt, and Bikram, that have helped maintain productivity and sanity in such a crazy time for research. Matt has moved on to another lab for his postdoc but continues to help us out when we call. Couldn’t do any of this without my amazing students, all of them!

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April 2020 – Ben successfully defends his M.S. thesis via Zoom! Congratulations Ben!

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February 2020 – Bikram and Michael representing the Krebs lab at the CSM poster session for prospective graduate students!

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December 2019. Matt’s graduation ceremony – congratulations Matt!


September 2019. Our current lab group!

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July 2019. Congratulations to Dr. Matt Osmond, Ph.D.!


June 2019. We all had fun at a BBQ at Prof. Krebs house, although the rain chased us inside! (Tanner was there too but we forgot to take a group photo before he left!)


June 2019. Happy summer! The Krebs lab is getting an influx of new students, and we kicked it off with a lunch in Golden to celebrate our new lab members plus Matt’s recent publication! Stopped to get a picture by our campus burros.


May 2019. Congratulations Matt for another great presentation at an international conference, ARVO (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) in Vancouver!


Job well done to our undergraduates who presented their research at CSM’s first annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Congratulations to Nathan Fletcher, Ph.D.!


Jackie, Matt, and Melissa working on novel dental fillings!


Congratulations to Ryan on graduating with his M.S. in Chemistry!


Spring 2016 Group Photo

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Congratulations to Sarah on graduating with her M.S. in Chemical Engineering!

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Krebs lab group, Spring 2015


TERMIS (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society) Conference, December 2014
with Eben Alsberg’s lab members

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Lab BBQ, July 2014


Research Experience for Pre-Collegiate Students (REPS) program, June 2014

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Bowling June 2014

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Lab Photo Summer 2013


Summer 2013 Howard Hughes Medical Institute and National Academies Mountain West Summer Institute on Undergraduate Education in Biology


Fall 2012 Melissa with Lyndsey and Hailey, high school interns